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Attempting NaNoWriMoing Again....

I obtained 3 kids in September, and so progress is going slow. I know I won't win, but here it goes.

20536 / 50000 words. 41% done!


Writing, Writing, Writing....

My NaNoWriMo progress hates me, but then again I was moving this month so I have a good excuse for failing miserably. At least I got some additional text on the page.

12569 / 50000 words. 25% done!


I'm cheating. Same story. Marking it with a counter:

11969 / 50000 words. 24% done!

Google Docs...

Oh. And, I'm keeping the story on Google Docs. If you are interested in reading what I've written, please post your email here, the comments are screened so only I can see it, and I'll go ahead and send you an invitation to be able to read it.

Day One: (For Me)

Yesterday, November 5th, was Day One for me officially.

Yesterday I went through the 4,970 words of text, and edited what was there. I know, I know, don't edit! However, my inner editor was on at full force. I also added approximately (*peers*) 507 new words to what was already written.

Looking over yesterday's text has also made me realize that while the very beginning is kinda crap, the rest of it isn't so bad, at least not to my own mind -- and not especially after the additions I made. Some things were filled in, and clarified a bit.

So, now I am prepared to move on, fully. I'm excited, once more, to be working on this project. I'm not sure I intend for it to go anywhere, other than my own desk, but at least I can officially say that I completed something, for a change. I seriously do not want to be my father in that aspect, starting a project and never seeing it through to the end.

NaNoWriMo Has Begun...

The first few days I did not do any writing. I am currently cheating with NaNoWriMo. I need to get a better start on this book, and I seriously need to see it through, for my own peace of mind. So, I'm going to use it, despite having been 5000 words in. The plan is to do at least 55,000 words, rather than just 50,000, since I am already 5000 up. Plus, I need to finish up my 50 pages for Mindky Klasky, and I cannot think of any better way to do this than simply write for NaNoWriMO, and quickly edit it when I'm done. And I'm sure I'll have lots of stuff that needs to be added or put on the chopping block, or have plenty of grammatical errors.

So, my Day 1 -- November 5th -- will involve adding material to what I've already written, and then going from there. We'll see what I manage to get done tonight.

Also, because I'm going on a cruise in 12 days, I need to get as much written down as I possibly can, so I might be scarce from other places I usually haunt, like Cuendillar, Firan, and World of Warcraft. Sorry folks! Scarce, but not completely absent. I think now is the best time for me to concentrate on this, with the death of my cat and all, anyway. I need something that will keep my mind entirely occupied and busy, and this will do it, and hopefully I'll enjoy it along the way.

Oh, and yes. It's the same pirate story from last year.

If you want to read excerpts, do please let me know and I'll create a filter where I'll post things. I promise to post them this time!


.... is around the corner. I figured I'd give my website a new look for the occasion. I’m still tossing around the 5,000 words from last year that I wrote. I also have a new sort of idea for another story. I’m not sure if I should continue to write the other book, or go with the new story. The first would be slightly cheating, but I really, really want to. We’ll see how things go!
Writing, Grace O'Malley, Pirates, Female Leaders, Oh MY...!

As some of you know, I’ve been working on writing a book. The book will have something to do with pirates, and will have a strong female leading figure. This story is something that has been brewing for a long time, and I actually managed to write something on it, though briefly, in NaNoWriMo last year. I didn’t get very far, partially because I didn’t push myself, but also because I felt ill prepared to write the book. I also was concerned about the concept of having a strong female lead, in charge of a group of mishap pirates, in the setting that I was seeking to put her in. I’m no longer concerned about that.

I’ve been doing more and more research into female pirates, particularly Grace O’Malley, or Grannuile, of Ireland. I was first introduced to her through one of the research books that I picked up on pirates, and while I only received a brief glimpse into her life in that book, I’ve since done some more research. Grace O’Malley was a particular wonder for her time, and the stuff that stories are quite often written about; so it is no wonder that she’s likely going to be a big influence, of sorts, within my book. She was a strong female figure in Irish history, who managed things not only militaristically, but also politically. She’s someone to be admired, I think, for the accomplishments she made during a time when men were particularly dominant in the world, and women had no rights.

I find myself wanting to know more about her, and to learn more about her exploits with Richard Bingham and Elizabeth I; not only that, but any other strong female figures that might have been known in history. Got any suggestions of where to look? Post here!

Small Update...

No progress...

See? Small. I've been thinking of ways to motivate myself to get back on track and into the story again. I'm thinking one of the things I might have to do is go to the local library, away from distractions, and just write. Not that also requires motivation.

We'll see if I can manage it.

December 31st for editing will come too fast.

I'll need to set some definite goals and deadlines to get this done, so I can send it off to mindyklasky, a D.C published author I enjoy reading very much.

Her latest book, a paranormal romance, A Girl's Guide to Witchcraft, has a scary crazy character who's life situation is all too similar to mine (at least characterwise) in the beginning of the book.

Scary crazy, I tell ya!

But she's who I'll be sending the first fifty pages of my manuscript off to, er... when I complete it. Here's to having a toe in the door! (I don't count it as a foot)


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